Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Valentine's day is just around the corner :)

That beautiful day when we celebrate love is coming... and real soon.
So for those boyfriends that doesn't know what to get for your better half in this special date I can give you a little help, 
keep reading ;)

Girls love to get attention. 
We want to know that you have been thinking about how to surprise us.
This year the 14th is on a sunday so what about a romantic girly pink breakfast 


Coffe (or jasmin te), a strawberry smoothie, some pink macarons or croissant, strawberries, a rose on the side and why not a glass of champagne ... not that healthy but so romantic!!!


If you want to get her jewelry you should see the Camilla Pihl collection for David Andersen
This bracelet is so pretty and this one too :)


And a gift for both of you could be a massage oil, some nice candles and well the rest is up to you ;)

This are just some ideas, and you still have a lot of time to prepare the best Valentines ever, so good luck!

Que viva el amor!

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