Sunday, February 21, 2016

Lazy Sunday

Last night we had some friends over for dinner, we had a really nice time eating french food, talking and we even played some card games. 
One of them is called "Cards Against Humanity (card game for really horrible people)",
and believe me, some of the things that come up are really horrible, but it's so much fun.
I totally recommend it ;)

After that we went out to a place called "Malec√≥n". 
Really cool place with great latin-american music such as salsa, reggaeton, bachata, etc.
I dansed so much, it was a really fun night. 
We came home around 4 o'clock, so today has been a really lazy day.
With some not so healthy food, but anyway delicious, and come on... is the weekend ;)

I got this amazing Lakrids candy with chocolate and mint from my friend Agnes.
I am actually not fan of liquorice and Agnes knows it, but she said that I had to try it out and she was sure I was going to like it, and you know what, she was right! it's really mild liquorice flavor, specially for new beginners as myself. Really smooth and round.
I totally loved it!

Now it's time for some Netflix and chill.
Have a nice Sunday!