Sunday, February 14, 2016

Anniversary + Valentine's Day + Mother's Day

Thankful, that is the word that describes how I feel :) 
Yesterday was our anniversary and my sweet boyfriend spent many hours in the kitchen making dinner for us. 

He made home made lasagna and it was delicious! 
He loves making food for us and I love watching him do it. He has a passion for it that I admire, because unfortunately I don't feel the same way about making food. I can make food, but I could describe myself as a survivor in the kitchen, so I really admire that motivation for experimenting with flavors and consistencies. 
The thing I do love is eating :P so I am really lucky for having a boyfriend that loves cooking.

Our whole weekend was beautiful and special just because we got time to do things together. 
We love watching the children play and laugh, 
while we were making plans for the next week. 
All that simple things can give such a powerful feeling of happiness.

Today we got to celebrate Valentine's day and mother's day together, and that is pretty cool.
My gifts for him were a total success (yesssss!!) something that makes me really happy :D
and I am so lucky because I got the most perfect gifts from my love one :)

Macarons from Sebastien Bruno

I got this beautiful flowers last week for my birthday :)

I hope all of you guys had a beautiful weekend full of love!



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