Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Today is my Birthday!!!!

Hello everybody!
I'm so happy today! It is my birthday :) :) :) 
and it has been a really perfect one :)

I got a lot of texts and Facebook messages, a long conversation with my mother, a really nice call from my father, funny snapchat greetings and I got to spend some hours outside my bed (since I have been sick lately) with my love ones.

This morning the sky was beautiful... blue with some pink clouds in the horizon. 
I showed them to my son and he said "yes mom, my friends in the kindergarden and I got that as a present for you" <3<3<3 Love!!! that melted my heart :D
He is so sweet and he is the best gift ever!!!

I feel so lucky, the sun was shining the whole day for me, perfect blue sky and awesome people around me.

My boyfriend made the perfect dinner: Lammecarré, asparagus, mushrooms, red wine sauce and mashed potatoes with ginger and truffle oil... exquisite!

Then we had macaroons and belgian chocolate ice-cream, but that despaired so fast that I didn't got time to take a picture XD

Here is my birthday cake, a raspberry, vanilla and white chocolate cake from Pascal... amazing.

I'm so thankful and I'm looking forward to my party :D