Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Is it summer yet?

Today I was at the office looking outside the window and thinking... 
Why winter always seem to be so much longer than summer??
Maybe because of the short days and long nights, 
the need to be inside where is warm an cosy...

The day was just so grey today, I mean...
no snow and raining in February?!?!? 
but then I got a very important call from a Very Important Person
and now I am planing a trip!! is not soon, but is good to have something to look forward to 

So I am really excited to find the perfect place, with the perfect weather, the perfect hotel and well I already have the perfect travel partner <3

Picture taken last year on my way to Málaga, Spain.

Checking in.

Passport cover from Louis Vuitton
Yellow bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs
Suitcase from Samsonite

Now is time for bed.
God night!

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