Monday, February 8, 2016

My everyday essentials

Every girl has them and I am not the exception ;)

I love jewelry but I am not the type of girl that goes with different jewelry every day.

This earrings for example... they have become my everyday earrings. They are round and simple and I love them. 
They go with everything.

I felt in love with them when I saw them on the internet and I went to the Gucci store in Oslo, but they said that they don't sell Gucci jewelry, so when I was in Cannes las summer one of my first stops was the Gucci store in Boulevard de la Croisette.
I was so excited but they were sold out!!
So when we went home my boyfriend bought them for me online <3<3<3
Happy girl :)

I always have a little necklace on me. 
This has been the one I've been using lately.
(White gold cross with small diamonds.)

I have never been a big fan of lipsticks, but I think that I found the one for me.
I picked this up at the tax-free shop in the airport last January when we were in our way to Tenerife.
I love the color, is really natural but sexy and elegant at the same time.

Is not a lot but without them I feel a bit naked.

Wish you a happy monday!!!

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