Friday, April 22, 2016

Confident me?

 That awkward day when you think that you are on time, everything is ok, you are driving on your way to work and... 
remember that you forgot to put on deodorant! 
Not nice at all :/

Suddenly I didn't have enough time to drive back home and so early in the morning there is no place to buy deodorant.

Well, I can inform you guys, that my day went ok anyway.
People did sit beside me at lunch and nobody made faces or even notice that I wasn't wearing that very important thing that make us feel a little bit more confident in our everyday life.

After picking up my son at the kinder garden I drove straight home and took a shower! 
It wasn't that I actually needed it, but maybe I did need it in a psychological way.
It was just uncomfortable to know that I missed that big step in my after shower routine.

I get it if you think that this was way too much information about my day, but this was actually something that made me think about that little things that make us the people we are.
I could never behave normally without wearing deodorant or underwear or without brushing my teeth.

There is so many things that impact in how confident or not confident I can feel. Even when the whole world doesn't know about it.

It was funny though and is not the first time it happens and unfortunately will not be the last either.

Deo Pure from Biotherm
Superdefense SPF 20 face cream from Clinique
Lait Corporel Anti-drying Body Milk from Biotherm
Gucci Guilty Intense Eau de Parfum
Osis+ Glamination Prime Prep Spray from Schwarzkopf
"Perfeccionador de rizos" from Garnier 

Have a great weekend!



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