Saturday, April 2, 2016

See you next year Easter bunny!

Easter is long gone but I wanted to show you some pictures of ours days in the mountain.

We had a blast. 
Both adults and children got easter eggs full with chocolate and candy from the easter bunny and we ate all of it!

It was really nice to be with the family and just have time, you know. Not have to do something or be somewhere. Just be there and enjoy.
It was quality time. The kids were so happy playing in the snow, making jumps and castles.

We had a lot of fun in the snow :) Here is me sledging.

Our beautiful dinner table. 
We ate raclette.

Me (and my coke) waiting for my son to be called up stage to receive his trophy and diploma for his first ski competition. 
All kids got trophies :)

See you next year Easter Bunny.
Thank you so much for so many sweets we ate. 
Now I have to train all of it away, summer is not that far away, you know ;)

Big hugs everyone!


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