Sunday, April 10, 2016

Finally tea time!

There is a beautiful day outside. 
Cloud free sky and the sun is shining for us.
It seems that the spring is finally here! Everything is starting to look green and beautiful.

This morning I got to enjoy a nice cup of tea from my new teapot :)
I got this teapot from Christian for my birthday in february, but the heater was sold out at the time and then the shop just forgot the order, but after some e-mails and 2 months of waiting, I can finally use it and brew some tea :)

I love to put some mint leaves in my tea. 
I have a mint plant in my window and I use it a lot. 
Is always nice with some mint flavor in your salad, tea, milkshake or just to decorate your desserts.


Hope you enjoy this sunny sunday!


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