Saturday, February 27, 2016

Sunny Saturday

I was awakened today at 7 o'clock by a happy 4 year old and his teddy bear :)
There is no better way to wake up <3
We eat breakfast and had a lazy morning, after that went to do some exercise.

Adidas training top

#mirrorselfie :P

The sun was shining the whole day over Oslo :)

Back at home I made a smoothie with banana, frozen strawberry, fresh pressed orange juice, frozen blueberries a little bit of milk, topped with raspberries.

 Hope you all had an amazing day :)



It's friday night and I get to do some multitasking :)

On the TV "The Italian Job", an oldie but a goodie with to hotties: 
Mark Wahlberg and Jason Statham ;)
I have also been surfing through some blogs and I just got my nails done while I drink a  glass of red wine.
This is just so nice :)

Aruba blue and Set in stone both from Essie.

After an episode of "Suits" I will go to bed.

Exactly... I have a 4 year old for that :P

Have a great friday night!


Friday, February 26, 2016

No time for breakfast?

Did you have a hard time hearing the alarm this morning?
Late for work, a big day ahead of you and you have to run with no time for breakfast?

You can try my method :)
 I always have fruit at home and frozen berries in my freezer, so I just put everything I have in my blender :) 
Easy, fast, tasty and healthy.

Today I used the following ingredients:

Grapes, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, milk, a banana and some pre cooked oatmeal. 

Press the button and...

...pour it into your bottle and you have a healthy breakfast on the go

Shaker from Tech Nutrition

Having a healthy life doesn't have to be difficult ;)
Have a great friday!


Thursday, February 25, 2016

Fast (healthy) food ;)

Sunny days!! I love them <3 it's still cold but everything is better when the sun shines :) 

Today after work we are going to Ikea to pick up some things I need at home. 

By the way, I have been trying to upload some videos but with no success. If you have some tricks please let me know :)

I wish you all a fantastic day and if you still don't know what to make for dinner and want to eat something tasty and healthy I recommend this easy and delicious salad recipe. 

You need:
Spinach, cous cous, cucumber, beans, avocado, salmon cut in thin slices and some soy sauce. 
Easy, fast, healthy and it tastes delicious!

Yesterday's outfit:

Mittens from Ugg
Bag from Prada
Shoes and fake fur jacket from Zara
Skinny jeans in faded black from HM


Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Lately I've been feeling that I need more energy... the winter seems just sooooo long, 
but no guys, no winter depression for me :)

The best thing to do then is to eat healthy. 
When you give your body the nutrients it needs you feel it, you are suddenly in a better mood and you have the energy to do more! 
So I have started the day with a healthy and colorful breakfast :D

Avocado toast (L.O.V.E <3), berries, grapes, a cup of green tea and a glass of vitamin C.

Stay hydrated. 
Drink at least 2 litres of water a day.
Everybody seems to have a lot of focus on this in the summer, but this is important all year round.
I have to admit that I'm not the best when it comes to drinking water.
For me it has to taste something, 
so what about adding some orange slices and mint leaves ;)
It looks good and it tastes good ;)

...Or you can try some chia water.
It is really simple:
Water, chia seeds, lime slices, some hours in the refrigerator 
and voilà!

I am sure that we are going to survive this winter in the best possible way :)

Picture of my bedroom window this morning
#coldasice ;)

Have a nice Wednesday!



Monday, February 22, 2016

Chia, chia and more chia!!

Hello everyone!!

 Some days ago I told you I was going to try some recipes with chia.... well, I have and I am just amazed!
Chia seeds are some of the healthiest food you can eat and they are an excellent source of omega-3.
I found a recipe in Caroline's blog and I wanted to tried it out.
Tomorrow my breakfast will be this delicious pudding, so i'll start the day full of energy ;)

I didn't have the same ingredients, but this is what I used:
125 ml coconut milk
1/3 teaspoon vanilla sugar
1 1/2 spoon shredded coconut
1 1/2 spoon chia seeds
80 g raspberry and 20 g blueberry

Mash the berries and incorporate the other ingredients.
Then refrigerate for a minimum of 4 hours and voilà 



Sunday, February 21, 2016

Lazy Sunday

Last night we had some friends over for dinner, we had a really nice time eating french food, talking and we even played some card games. 
One of them is called "Cards Against Humanity (card game for really horrible people)",
and believe me, some of the things that come up are really horrible, but it's so much fun.
I totally recommend it ;)

After that we went out to a place called "Malecón". 
Really cool place with great latin-american music such as salsa, reggaeton, bachata, etc.
I dansed so much, it was a really fun night. 
We came home around 4 o'clock, so today has been a really lazy day.
With some not so healthy food, but anyway delicious, and come on... is the weekend ;)

I got this amazing Lakrids candy with chocolate and mint from my friend Agnes.
I am actually not fan of liquorice and Agnes knows it, but she said that I had to try it out and she was sure I was going to like it, and you know what, she was right! it's really mild liquorice flavor, specially for new beginners as myself. Really smooth and round.
I totally loved it!

Now it's time for some Netflix and chill.
Have a nice Sunday! 


Saturday, February 20, 2016


On thursday at 7.30 am I was at H&M Bogstadveien.
#H&M and #Costume invited to a nice early breakfast accompanied by 20% off
 on the whole store. Who can say no to that right?
So on my way to work I stopped by and got to enjoy a delicious chocolate croissant  and some orange juice.
Such a great idea Hennes & Mauritz!

There were a lot of people happy to eat and shop, perfect combination ;)

Me browsing throw the store.
#Mirrorselfie :P

Puffer Coat from Burberry
Tote bag from Gucci
Boots from Michael Kors

 I felt in love with this denim dress, so beautiful!

Fashion never sleeps people!

I love this kind of events.
Thank you H&M and Costume!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wednesday + cinema

Today we went to the cinema to watch "Deadpool" and it was awesome!
I laughed so much, I definitely recommend it :)
Its a bit brutal though and romantic... kind off, at least that is what my boyfriend said :P

We went to Ringen Kino and at the entrance we met face to face with 
gingerbread Darth Vader!!
So artistic!

I'm looking forward to 

"Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice"
Whatch the trailer here:

I hope you had a nice wednesday!

Monday, February 15, 2016


Mondays are just so hard...
Even more when is 00.05 and you are still trying to sleep. The alarm didn't have any mercy and woke me up at 5.45 am.
I was so tired but that is like mondays suppose to be, isn't it?

Luckily the weather in Oslo was good, 
blue sky and I believe not colder than -5 C, so pretty ok.

I've been trying to eat healthy snacks at work so I don't eat the whole refrigerator when I  get home :)
It works actually. Today I had strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.
Trying to have a #healthylife  you know ;)

Im going to try some chia seed recipes this week and tomorrow I'm going to a yoga class. 
I believe that will give me some energy.

So tuesday, bring it on!!! 



Sunday, February 14, 2016

Anniversary + Valentine's Day + Mother's Day

Thankful, that is the word that describes how I feel :) 
Yesterday was our anniversary and my sweet boyfriend spent many hours in the kitchen making dinner for us. 

He made home made lasagna and it was delicious! 
He loves making food for us and I love watching him do it. He has a passion for it that I admire, because unfortunately I don't feel the same way about making food. I can make food, but I could describe myself as a survivor in the kitchen, so I really admire that motivation for experimenting with flavors and consistencies. 
The thing I do love is eating :P so I am really lucky for having a boyfriend that loves cooking.

Our whole weekend was beautiful and special just because we got time to do things together. 
We love watching the children play and laugh, 
while we were making plans for the next week. 
All that simple things can give such a powerful feeling of happiness.

Today we got to celebrate Valentine's day and mother's day together, and that is pretty cool.
My gifts for him were a total success (yesssss!!) something that makes me really happy :D
and I am so lucky because I got the most perfect gifts from my love one :)

Macarons from Sebastien Bruno

I got this beautiful flowers last week for my birthday :)

I hope all of you guys had a beautiful weekend full of love!



Friday, February 12, 2016


Finally friday! I am so happy :)
I have been looking forward to this weekend and is finally here!

This will be a weekend full of fun and love <3 (Valentines, yes I know I have said it a lot of times, but I'm just so excited!)

I was at the supermarket yesterday and bought sweets for the kids (and for the grown ups too ;)   )
The kids are playing Playstation and after a nice dinner we are eating all the candy, because I just know we can't spear candy for the next day. Is just too hard and I also know that I will probably regret on monday, but we don't have to think about that just yet :D

After the kids go to bed we plan to see "Titanic". 

I was listening to the radio at work and Célin Dion started singing "My heart will go on" and I just had the great idea to see Titanic! (and I say "great idea" because almost every time we brows through netflix we struggle) 
I have just seen the movie once and that was a really long time ago, so we got ready a lot of kleenex, wine, cheese, crackers and chocolate, because friday night without chocolate can't be good.

Wish you a nice friday night. Take care and have fun. 
We all deserve it ;)

Candy is almost empty already

Cheers to you all! relax and have fun with your love ones :) 


Thursday, February 11, 2016

But first let me take a #selfie...

Hello everyone!
Today was a really good day, I did a ton of stuff and it felt so good to be done with everything. Now I'm really looking forward to go to bed an hope friday will go really smooth and get to enjoy a very special weekend (you know... Valentines!!!!)

This picture is from this morning, before 8 am, I was so tired!

Puffer Coat from Burberry
Tote bag from Gucci
Scarf from Acne
iPhone case from Marc by Marc Jacobs
Distressed jeans from Zara.


Hope all of you are ready with Valentine's surprises and Mother's day gifts for this sunday :)
Wish you all a good night :)


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Is it summer yet?

Today I was at the office looking outside the window and thinking... 
Why winter always seem to be so much longer than summer??
Maybe because of the short days and long nights, 
the need to be inside where is warm an cosy...

The day was just so grey today, I mean...
no snow and raining in February?!?!? 
but then I got a very important call from a Very Important Person
and now I am planing a trip!! is not soon, but is good to have something to look forward to 

So I am really excited to find the perfect place, with the perfect weather, the perfect hotel and well I already have the perfect travel partner <3

Picture taken last year on my way to Málaga, Spain.

Checking in.

Passport cover from Louis Vuitton
Yellow bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs
Suitcase from Samsonite

Now is time for bed.
God night!

Monday, February 8, 2016

My everyday essentials

Every girl has them and I am not the exception ;)

I love jewelry but I am not the type of girl that goes with different jewelry every day.

This earrings for example... they have become my everyday earrings. They are round and simple and I love them. 
They go with everything.

I felt in love with them when I saw them on the internet and I went to the Gucci store in Oslo, but they said that they don't sell Gucci jewelry, so when I was in Cannes las summer one of my first stops was the Gucci store in Boulevard de la Croisette.
I was so excited but they were sold out!!
So when we went home my boyfriend bought them for me online <3<3<3
Happy girl :)

I always have a little necklace on me. 
This has been the one I've been using lately.
(White gold cross with small diamonds.)

I have never been a big fan of lipsticks, but I think that I found the one for me.
I picked this up at the tax-free shop in the airport last January when we were in our way to Tenerife.
I love the color, is really natural but sexy and elegant at the same time.

Is not a lot but without them I feel a bit naked.

Wish you a happy monday!!!

My Wish List

Everybody has one, yes even the ones that have it all.

Here is mine, and I know there is things that I don't need to be happy, but you know... 
To dream is free!!

  • This beautiful scarf from Burberry that can be personalized with your initials <3

  • This pretty little ring Designed by Jenny Skavlan for David Andersen. 

I think is really cool that it has my name :P
I present you ring Barbara ;)

Is for a nice cause, don't you think???

Well I could keep going but maybe I'll post the rest in several separated post so my boyfriend doesn't freak out hehe

Do you have a fashion wish list?

Friday, February 5, 2016

Nail styles :)

It's friday!!! 
And I'm sure that a lot of you are going out tonight ;) so here I have some really cool 
nail styles to get you to bright even more tonight :) 

This colors are from essie:
 "Blanc" and "A cut above"

Inspired by some really good youtube videos :)

Essie "Blanc", Chanel "217 Splendeur", Chanel "219 Black Satin".

From Essie:
 "Garden Variety" (now on sale!), "Blanc" and "Sparkle on top".

Have a nice weekend!